Runner Disqualifications

Runner disqualified from four years’ results for non completion of the full course

Following a notification from  a participant in this year’s marathon, we have investigated a runner from all four Hull Marathons since its relaunch in 2015. As a result, the runner has been disqualified from all four years’ results and banned from entering for five years.

The runner appears to have not actually run the race, with evidence only of his presence at chip timing mats and the finish line.  The runner’s times also do not reflect other evidence considered and subsequently they have been disqualified having made no response to the case.

In addition, a 2-person team has been disqualified as one of the team was found to have worn headphones and not removed them across the first leg of their relay.  The team has accepted this penalty. The organisers had previously disqualified participants from the full marathon found to have repeatedly worn their headphones contrary to the event rules.

The Hull Marathon organisers will not tolerate anyone trying to breach the rules of the event and discredit those who have trained for the challenges and run within the rules set out. We thank those who have drawn to our attention these cases.

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